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D.A.D (Disneyland After Dark) -Psychopatico dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover

This album is a rollicking ride through the DAD live experience. Blasting off with Simpatico and then Empty Heads, two of the better tunes from the Simpatico album and then launching into the Riskin’ It All era tune of Bad Craziness this is a band hellbent on telling you where they’re coming from. But it’s not just a case of throwing everything at the listener. Their classic, and quirky, balladeering is also presented in tunes such as Grow or Pay. The tunes represent the gamut of their career – long time fans will be pleased as will people who may have only come on board with Simpatico. The band seems to be having a blast regardless of what they’re playing. For any people who don’t normally like live albums, figuring they own the definitive studio versions already, there is the previously unreleased studio track of Jacketless in December. This is a mellow tune that rounds out the discs nicely. Any fan of raw rock ‘n’ roll should do themselves a favour and check out this release. An exuberant band who obviously know how to fire up a crowd.

Track listing:
1. Simpatico
2. Empty Heads
3. Bad Craziness
4. Grow Or Pay
5. Riding With Sue
6. Hate To Say
7. I Wont Cut My Hair
8. Cloudy Hours
9. Reconstrucdead
10. Black Crickets
11. Home Alone 5
12. Sleeping My Day Away
13. Jihad
14. Written In Water
15. It’s After Dark
16. Laugh’n’½
17. Jacketless In December-unreleased studio version

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Medley Records / Warner Music Denmark

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