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D.A.D (Disneyland After Dark) -Soft Dogs lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover

Danish act D-A-D (Disneyland After Dark) started out playing country, almost rockabilly, brand of rock on their first two albums, before finding a style with No Fuel For The Pilgrims, in 1989, that really clicked with everyone. Music lovers and critics went bananas and this album as well as the following Riskin It All in 199 were both massive successes. The band then took another direction by releasing their hardest album to date, Helpyourselfish in 1995, following it up with the much softer Simpatico in 1997. After that the band has continued to show the softer, gentler side to the band’s raucous rock. The 2002 album Soft Dogs might be hard to get into if youre waiting for the band to break out into an energetic raucous rock track because it aint there. The whole album is filled with tracks that are mellow in both tempo and structure. That doesnt mean its all bad because songs like the title track and a few more are quite powerful even though they are just mid tempo numbers. It feels like the album is missing something when these mellower tunes are pretty much all you’ll get. It feels like the band took it one step too far this time. But as I said there are alot to like here as well.

Track list:
1. Soft Dog
2. Whats The Matter?
3. The Truth About You
4. Golden Way
5. So What… (If It’s All For Love)
6. Between You And Me
7. Out There
8. It Changes Everything
9. Un Frappe Sur La Tete
10. Blue All Over
11. Hey Little Airplane
12. Human Kind

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Medley Records / Warner Music Denmark

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