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Damage -The Immortal Death lp


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Damage was formed from the ashes of Finnish hardcore-band Poliisivaltio (Police state) in Kuopio in 1984. Their music was speed metal and they became among the first Finnish band to play speed thrash metal together with Finnish band Vendetta. Even if they now played speed metal you can still hear that they were under heavy influence of early hardcore and punk. They released this self titled private pressed EP in 1986 and one full length album called The Immortal Death in 1987. After that the band was buried and the band except vocalist Kara went on to form Warmath. The EP had four of the five tracks sung in Finnish but on this the full length album the band had completely gone over to just sing in English. Rare album released on the small Dekadenz records, Helsinki, Finland

Track listing:
1. Damage
2. Mental As Me
3. Son of Mother Earth
4. The Unemotional
5. In the Middle of Coldness
6. Time of Madness
7. Ain’t No Crime
8. Poison Candy
9. The First Day

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