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Damien -Memorandum dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover and 28 page booklet

Damien, from the University town of Uppsala, formed in 1982 are among Swedens premiere thrash metal acts. Anyone who heard the band back in the 80s was sure that they would sign a record deal and go on to greater things. 5 demos would be recorded during their existence up to 1988. The band would also release the ‘Requiem For The Dead’ mini album and get a track onto the ‘Is This Heavy Or What’ vinyl single compilation. That was however all, success eluded them and original guitarist Rick Meister (real name Andreas Palm) left to join Maninnya Blade and later appearing in Hexenhaus. He was replaced by Lawrence West who later formed Crawley, while bassist Marre Martini (real name Mats Eriksson) joined Lost Souls and later became a member of Misery Loves Co. Vocalist Tommie Agrippa appeared as a member of Hexenhaus in 1990. The ‘Requiem For The Dead’ are now a highly sought after vinyl and the music of Damien lives in the hearts and minds of many thrash metal lovers. The five demos together with the ‘Requiem For The Dead’ mini album has now been professionally transferred onto two full length vinyls, to a total of 100 minutes of stellar thrash metal.

Track list:
1. Egypt Eyes-Egypt Eyes demo 85
2. Death Awaits-Egypt Eyes demo 85
3. Hammer Of The Gods-demo 86
4. Hammer Of The Gods-demo 86
5. Free As The Wind-demo 86
6. The Watcher-demo 86
7. In For The Kill-demo 86
8. The Damnation/Onslaught Without Mercy-Onslaught Without Mercy demo 86
9. Tales Of Osiris-Onslaught Without Mercy demo 86
10. I’m Your Nightmare-Onslaught Without Mercy demo 86
11. Pounding The World-Onslaught Without Mercy demo 86
12. Memorendum-Chapter One demo 87
13. Rest In Pieces-Chapter One demo 87
14. Soldier Of Death-Chapter One demo 87
15. Hell On Earth-Chapter One demo 87
16. One Must Die-Chapter One demo 87
17. Hide And Seek-Chapter Two demo 87
18. Final Day-Chapter Two demo 87
19. Requiem For The Dead-mini album 88
20. Not A Pleasant Way To Die-mini album 88
21. Death Is Part Of The Process-mini album 88
22. Knights Of The Realm-mini album 88
23. Knights Of The Realm-original 86 version

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