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Dan Reed Network -Heat cd


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Since the 1980s, the Dan Reed Network has offered an arresting style of guitar-powered rock with strong soul and funk influences. But unfortunately, the integrated band has — for whatever reason — fallen through the cracks. Why the Network has remained obscure is open to debate. Perhaps it never had the right promotion. Some would argue that being hard to pigeonhole was a liability, but then, bands ranging from Living Colour to the Red Hot Chili Peppers fused rock and funk with very marketable results. At any rate, The Heat illustrates Reed’s adventurous spirit and his knack for substantive lyrics. On sociopolitical offerings like “Thy Will Be Done,” “The Lonely Sun” and “Mix It Up,” Reed candidly addresses such issues as racism, inequality and political corruption without caving in to cynicism. Although angry, Reed is also thoughtful. This album wasn’t the breakthrough his followers were hoping for, but it certainly wasn’t because of a shortage of inspired material.

Track listing:
1. Baby Now
2. Blame It on the Moon
3. Mix It Up
4. The Heat
5. Let It Go
6. Love Dont Work That Way
7. Money
8. Chill Out
9. Life Is Sex
10. The Salt of Joy
11. Take My Hand
12. The Lonely Sun
13. Thy Will Be Done
14. Wake Up
15. Long Way to Go

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