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Clear vinyl. Limited 150 copies

Danzig and his band, also called Danzig, was opening up for Metallica on their summer US tour in 1994, a couple of months before the release of the Danzig 4 album. This album was recorded at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Middletown, New York on the 17th of June in 1994. Danzig’s singing reconstitutes Jim Morrison’s oft-copied style in much the same way that Dr. Frankenstein’s experimenting reanimated used body parts. It breathes new life into the dead but leaves the revived entity shambling about rather awkwardly, with scars and stitch marks showing. Danzig’s collection of Morrisonian moans, bellows and bluesy howls often wavered or fell flat under the Black Sabbath-influenced stampede of his three band mates–guitarist John Christ (who played with authority and with a no-noodling sense of economy rare in a featured metal ax-wielder), bassist Eerie Von, and drummer Chuck Biscuits. There were no indulgent solos to interrupt the flow of this show. Danzig, who writes the band’s material, does a better job stitching together his songs than he did putting them across. The show offered plenty of catchy shout-along choruses in a traditional metal mode, and they came with a good mix of tempos and moods. Danzig’s inflated, cosmic-scale depictions of rebellion, destruction and erotic unions require a stage Prometheus if the writer’s ideas are to be amplified along with his music. Danzig’s cosmology seems to have parallels to the idiosyncratic one envisioned 200 years ago by the poet William Blake in “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell,” wherein the biblical God–or at least the one conceived of by many literal interpreters of the Bible–is seen as a tyrannical old control freak, and Satan gets points for rebelling and stirring up some excitement in an otherwise stillborn universe. Danzig’s version is shallow, however, his lyrics constantly rehashing vague, hand-me-down conceits that he fails to flesh out with imaginative stories or memorable characterizations. The muscular bandleader’s performance fell far short of Promethean, despite energetic efforts that included lots of the shadowboxing, fist shaking and pose striking typical of old-line heavy-metal front men from the ’70s and early ’80s. The show opened with Brand New God, a new track that would be released on Danzig 4 later that autumn. There are also the hits from the debut album like Mother and Twist Of Cain.

Track list:
1. Intro – Overture Of The Rebel Angels
2. Brand New God
3. Snakes Of Christ
4. Its Coming Down
5. How The Gods Kill
6. Mother
7. Her Black Wings
8. Tired Of Being Alive
9. Twist Of Cain
10. Long Way Back From Hell
11. Left Hand Black

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