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Danzig – S/t


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Danzig debuts with a record of simple, pounding, bluesy metal featuring lead singer Glenn Danzig's trademark Elvis-meets-Jim Morrison bellow and outlandishly dark, evil lyrics. There isn't a great deal of musical variety or complexity here, but the band powers its way through such signature tunes as "Twist of Cain," "Am I Demon," and the (future) hit "Mother" with a primal energy. Plus, Danzig's tongue-in-cheek posturing as the ultimate unholier-than-thou heavy metal frontman gives the record a definite appeal, even if one is not inclined to view his theatrics as dangerous or threatening. Track listing: 1. Twist of Cain 2. Not of This World 3. She Rides 4. Soul On Ride 5. Am I Demon 6. Mother 7. Possession 8. End of Time 9. The Hunter 10. Evil Thing

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