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Danzig -Thrall Demonsweatlive mcd


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The Thrall: Demonsweatlive EP was released to keep the Danzig hype high after the late success of their song “Mother”. The EP features three studio cuts and some live cuts from Irvine Meadows in October 1992. The live version of “Mother” was the hit, of course, but there are other worthwhile moments — the new tracks include “It’s Coming Down,” a threatening rocker, and a cover of Elvis Presley’s “Trouble,” and the live material is also highlighted by “Sistinas,” one of the band’s best songs.

Track list:
1. Its Coming Down
2. The Violet Fire
3. Trouble-Elvis cover
4. Snakes Of Christ
5. Am I Demon
6. Sistinas
7. Mother

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American Recordings Records

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314 586 957-2