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Japan press with OBI-strip and bonus track

German dark metallers Dark Age have been hailed as one of the best bands of the German underground for many years now. Steadily top releases rapidly increased interest for the band. After already having released 5 albums ( live/EP releases), with their latest album Minus Existus becoming #1 in the soundchecks of both the German Metal Hammer and Rock Hard, Dark Age now present their sixth studio album ‘Acedia’. Its not too easy to describe the stylistic mixture of the Dark Age sound. But whether you call it melodic death metal, dark metal or whatever – its a very melodic, rich mixture of haunting melodies, charismatic vocals (used clean and as growls), an always perfect balance of power, modern influences and a slight gothic touch. Variety is another strength of the band. This mixture works perfectly in every way. On top singer/guitarist Eike Freese (a renowned producer) was also responsible for production of Acedia. Dont compare it to other bands: listen to Dark Age. Limited Digipack with one bonus track featuring guest appearance by Kai Hansen

Track listing:
1. Kingdom Nevercome
2. Devote Yourself To Nothing
3. Neon Gardens
4. Snake Of June
5. Zeitgeist (Ghost In A Machine)
6. 10 Steps To Nausea
7. Halo Meridian
8. Underneath These Burdens
9. All The Unfullfilled
10. Babylon Riots
11. Inflict
13. Myself Heretic
13. Vampyrez-with Kai Hansen

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