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Dark Angel – Live Scars


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A ferocious, uncompromising thrash metal unit that thrived on breakneck-speed aggression, Dark Angel was ignored by rock's mainstream, but commanded a small yet devoted following in the thrash underground. Darkness Descends and Leave Scars showed that Dark Angel (not to be confused with fellow headbangers Death Angel) weren't about to take it easy in the studio, and Live Scars illustrates the fact that the thrashers were even heavier on-stage. This bombastic live album, recorded at the Country Club in suburban Los Angeles, is definitely Dark Angel's finest hour. When the band passionately tears into such morbid gems as "Never to Rise Again," "Death Is Certain (Life Is Not)," and "The Promise of Agony," it's easy to envision their followers forming a huge mosh pit and working up a major sweat. From bombastic originals to a frenzied version of Fear's early-'80s punk classic "I Don't Care About You," Live Scars is a gem that no thrash fan should be without. Track listing: 1. Leave Scars 2. The Burning Sodom 3. Never To Rise Again 4. Death Is Certain (life is not) 5. The Promise of Agony 6. We Have Arrived 7. The Death of Innocence 8. I Don't Care About You-Fear cover

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