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Dark Funeral ‎–The Dawn No More Rises shape


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Shaped picture disc with inlay. Limited 500 copies

When darkness is upon us, and skies had turned to black
When blood rains from darkened skies and crying angels die
When the sun has burned its last rays and light no more remains
When tears of god stains the ground the dark age has arrived

The two tracks on this shaped picture disc was taken from Dark Funeral’s classic 1996 album The Secrets Of The Black Arts. Back then the band performed tradditional Black Metal in D tuning which features constant tremolo-picking, elementary but semitone-tending harmonies, sophisticated drumming and a general feel of derivatives in the definitive overview. Here you have The Dawn No More Rises and the violent title track from that album.

Track listing:
1. The Dawn No More Rises
2. The Secrets Of The Black Arts

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