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Dark Funeral -Teach Children To Worship Satan 10″ [splatter]


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Exclusive Record Store Day 2019 10” edition on red and black splatter vinyl. Limited 200 copies

Dark Funeral’s 2000 EP with the controversial title ‘Teach Children To Worship Satan’ only features one original Dark Funeral song backed up by three cover tunes. An Apprentice Of Satan, is a standard fare black metal track. Blisteringly heavy – good riff there and Emperor Magus Caligula sounds amazing and the drumming of Gaahnfaust are top notch. The Trial (King Diamond cover) uses cool vocal arrangements and has one nice solo, although this in itself is cause for concern – I find it worrying that Dark Funeral require a session player to do the solos, and they can’t do them themselves. The mighty Dead Skin Mask (by Slayer) is another good cover though the solo’s a bit lacking and it’s all a bit abbreviated from the original (a good minute and a bit shorter). The last two songs rectify things, Remember The Fallen (Sodom) slogs along, great chorus while Pagan Fears (by Mayhem) merely slogs along ear-bleedingly. Satisfying stuff. If you ask me Dark Funeral did a fine job with these covers

Track listing:
1. An Apprentice Of Satan
2. The Trial-King Diamond cover
3. Dead Skin Mask-Slayer cover
4. Remember The Fallen-Sodom cover
5. Pagan Fears-Mayhem cover

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