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Dark Moor ‎–Project X cd


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If there is a constant which defines Dark Moor releases is its ability to evolve musically without losing its sound signature.With Project X, the 2015 album of the band, they have taken a step further in their permanent search for the musical perfection they’ve always aimed for. Progressive Metal, Hard Rock, Classic Heavy Metal and many other styles can be found in the band’s music, as well as their signature orchestral arrangements. All the songs from Project X are excellent, but I dare to name the energetic and grandiose Abduction, the powerful and melodic Beyond The Stars, Bon Voyage and the excellent Gabriel as their finest moments on the album.

Track list:
1. November 3023
2. Abduction
3. Beyond The Stars
4. Conspiracy Revealed
5. I Want To Believe
6. Bon Voyage!
7. The Existence
8. Imperial Earth
9. Gabriel
10. Theres Something In The Skies

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