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Black vinyl with gatefold cover and the entire album on cd as bonus

Sweden’s Dark Tranquillity has been around since 1989, yet they still have a fire that keeps the embers of their patented Gothenburg-based brand of progressive melo-death metal burning. While In Flames have moved in different directions musically, the 3 original members of Sundin, Jivarp and Stanne have somehow managed to keep the core DT sound intact over their 2 and a half decade career. And while they have had their share of member change-ups (most recently long time guitarist Martin Henriksson called it quits), they persevere in the spirit of the Greek Atoma – that which can’t be split. Musically, nothing has changed. This is a mix of death metal, progressive metal with melodic infusions. That may be a disappointment to those who would like to see DT push the fringe of this scene, but there is sincerity to their art that can’t go unrecognized even though they really haven’t strayed too far from their Gothenburg roots. Stanne mixes a clear voice with his mostly discernable harsh voice (one that actually has clarity beyond that of most death metal bands). Brandstrom’s keyboards have been a significant part of the DT soundscape for well over a decade now and his contribution remains vital, helping to shape the dark nature of the sobering metal mix. Lyrically, this is a political record – or at least it feels that way – many of the songs commentary on the present state of the world. I think they were leaning this way with Construct, but now there is a humble admission that we are in big trouble, “Faithless by Default” the most strongly confessional song here. Despite the division rampant in our world, DT stand united like an atom that can’t be split, and the encouragement to stay the course is a clear message here. These guys have been so consistently good for so many years now yet I remain repeatedly amazed with their outpourings. Like “Clearing skies,” there is always a hope that the next chapter will bring a light to the darkness. And while their music retains an edgy darkness, their truths, their aggression and their passion always shines forth in a way that is confrontational yet uplifting. The bonus disc is a bit puzzling in that it only contains 2 songs (8 minutes) (like why not just include those on the main disc?) and there is no mention of them in the liner notes. They are good – a bit more ambient/experimental – but odd nevertheless to have an entire disc with only 2 songs.

Track list:
1. Encircled
2. Atoma
3. Forward Momentum
4. Neutrality
5. Force Of Hand
6. Faithless By Default
7. The Pitiless
8. Our Proof Of Life
9. Clearing Skies
10. When The World Screams
11. Merciless Fate
12. Caves And Embers

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