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Dark Tranquillity – Lost To Apathy


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‘Lost To Apathy’ was released as a taster for the coming ‘Character’ album. The disc starts off with a track from the coming album and the song bears great resemblance to the ones found on ‘Damage Done’, a medium paced riffer with slightly darker vocals than usual from Mikael Stanne. Gets better as it progresses, with a nice finale. Second track ‘Derivation TNB’ is noted in the inlay as a song ‘featuring severely altered bits and pieces from various songs from the upcoming album’. This may seem bad, but it holds together rather well, a mellow, slow piece with whispered vocals. ‘The Endless Feed’ is a remix of a track from ‘Character’. Finally, we have a live version of ‘Undo Control’. The album also includes a multi media section Track listing: 1. Lost To Apathy 2. Derivation TNB 3. The Endless Feed-Chaos Seed remix 4. Undo Control-live 5. Lost To Apathy-video 6. D.T. Screensaver

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