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Darkenhöld ‎–Echoes From The Stone Keeper lp


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Black vinyl with numbered lyric insert. Limited to 200 copies

Darkenhold, a black metal act from South Eastern France, draw their influences heavily from the old Norwegian black metal scene with the likes of Emperor, Satyricon and Taake forming the bulk of their sound, a heavily riff-centric strain of melodic black metal. Echoes From The Stone Keeper is a fine sophomore effort which continues to channel the mythistorical Dark Age consciousness into the 90s European black metal medium, fantasy and folklore into gnarled, atmospheric black metal that holds firmly to both its cultural and musical traditions.

Track list:
1. Subterranean Corridor
2. Under The Sign Of Arcanum
3. Wyvern Solitude Chant
4. Echoes From The Stone Keeper
5. March Of The Sylvan Beasts
6. Interlude
7. Mesnie Hellequin
8. Chasm Of Asylake
9. Nightfall And The Fire Doom
10. Castle Ruins Anthem

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