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Darkthrone – Goatlord


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The songs on ‘Goatlord’ are from an instrumental demo tape recorded in 1990-1991 between the band's first and second albums (‘Soulside Journey’ and ‘A Blaze In The Northern Sky’, respectively). These songs were scrapped when the band changed style from death metal to black metal. The vocals were then recorded in 1994 by Fenriz. The female-sounding vocals were also recorded by him, partly utilizing pitch shifting. Satyr of the band Satyricon is credited for the opening screams in Rex and Sadomasochistic Rites. It is obvious that the album was recorded at two separate times and musically it’s a fine piece of Scandinavian death metal. However the vocals that were recorded by Fenriz later is so much louder than the instrumental portions of the recording. It detracts a lot from the overall fluidity of the record. Track listing: 1. Rex 2. Pure Demoniac Blessing 3. (The) Grimness Of Which Shepherds Mourn 4. Sadomasochistic Rites 5. As Desertshadows 6. In His Lovely Kingdom 7. Black Daimon 8. Toward(s) The Thornfields 9. (Birth Of Evil) Virgin Sin 10. Green Cave Float

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