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Darkthrone – Panzerfaust


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‘Panzerfaust’ marks the point in which DarkThrone offer their final essential statement in the work of their self-proclaimed and upheld "True Norwegian Black Metal". Without necessarily presenting material of venturesome nature, DarkThrone apply trace aspects of their past explorations to an album high in 80s blackened metal inspiration, specifically Hellhammer/Celtic Frost. While this is the first work produced by the band that does not explore a concentrated perspective on this trademark sound, it seethes with passion in both delivery and expression. A thicker, if not much less "necro", recording supports the variation of structure and tempo here, breaking from the continuous high-velocity minimalism of its predecessor for exercises of thrashing fury and doomed crawls. The vocals take on a demanding presence, upfront in the mix and agonized in torment. The atmosphere is dark, dank and cavernous, with songs like ‘The Hordes Of Nebulah’ depicting a black swamp of despair rather than the frozen northern forests normally associated with this act’s environmental soundpicture. ‘And when fires have Burned beholding Seas of Ashes and roll the Blooded flesh on holy areas Now Cold and Dead and flowers Smell of Black’ As much as this is DarkThrone's clearest emphasis on a regressions agenda, this is music that is central to the core of DarkThrone’s realm and that of the identity of their region. They haven’t left for the cosmos just yet, and in certain moments they are at their most corrosive, particularly in terms of the tortured vocals, which pierce with anguish, especially in ‘Quintessence’. These are cries of insanity, bleeding over from the black well of suffering and desperation. Panzerfaust fails to find its place among the band’s three previous albums as a work of historical significance or a crucial voice in DarkThrone’s legacy. This music is attempting an aim of another sort, one which, while aesthetically pleasing, seeks to relish inspirations of the past and occupy itself in different shades of pre-established forms. Oh, it’s grim and cold and black and everything else a DarkThrone fan could desire, yet once the initial few listens have taken place the understanding of its correct position soon arrives. Track listing: 1. En Vind An Sorg 2. Triumphant Gloom 3. The Hordes Of Nebulah 4. Hans Siste Vinter 5. Beholding The Throne Of Might 6. Quintessence 7. Sno Og Gransvog (Utfero)

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