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Dawn Of Time -A Force Of One 7″


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 500 copies

Dawn Of Time was a Gothenburg based, Thrash edged heavy metal band. They started out as Drowned and recorded a four track demo called A Force Of One. The band changed name to Dawn Of Time and made a solitary single in 500 copies in 2000 with two tracks taken from the A Force Of One demo. This singe was supposed to have been released by the Swedish Lound N Proud records. However the single never made it back from the pressing plant before the label called it a day and most of the singles were shelved. Singer Johan Wiberg quit but the remaining members wanted to continue. Guitarist Rune Foss took over the vocal apartment too and since no one had heard about the band Dawn Of Time and the music had become even heavier, thrasher and harder they decided to change name again and this time under the moniker of Reclusion. When Reclusion finally took of the rumour about the unreleased single started to circulate. Drummer Dobrowolski are also found in the One Man Army And The Undead Quartet.

Track listing:
1. A Force Of One
2. The Quest

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