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Dawn Of Winter ‎–In The Valley Of Tears dcd


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After forming in 1990, Ludwigsburg, Germany’s Dawn Of Winter toiled in obscurity for most of the ensuing decade, issuing demo after demo and a 1993 EP, rather aptly named Celebrate The Agony, where vocalist Gerrit Philipp Mutz, guitarist Jörg Michael Knittel, bassist Joachim Schmalzried, and drummer Oliver C. Schramm displayed their allegiance with melodically inclined doom bands like Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, and Solstice. But it wasn’t until 1998 that the group (now featuring drummer Dennis Schediwy) released its first full-length, In The Valley Of Tears,only to go on indefinite hiatus when Mutz and Knittel became involved with power metal bands Tragedy Divine and Sacred Steel. And although they continued to dabble in doom with Dawn Of Winter via 2001’s Slow Is the Suffering EP and 2003’s Doomcult Performance demos compilation, it wasn’t until half a decade later that they found time to record a second official studio album under the heading of The Peaceful Dead. This 2017 re-release features their debut together the original demos and EPs that previously only have been available on vinyl. Lots of great doom metal for the price

Track list:
1. Fallen Empire
2. Return To Forever
3. Ritual Magic
4. In The Valley Of Tears
5. Where Low The Ravens Fly
6. Carnival Of Souls
7. Funeral
8. Black Revelations
9. Sad Ocean
10. Dawn Of Winter
11. Dagons Blood-The Skull Of The Sorcerer EP 2012
12. The Skull Of The Sorcerer-The Skull Of The Sorcerer EP 2012
13. By The Blessing Of Death-The Skull Of The Sorcerer EP 2012
14. In Servitude To Destiny-The Skull Of The Sorcerer EP 2012
15. Titus Vanis-Slow Is The Suffering 2001
16. Slow Is The Suffering-Slow Is The Suffering 2001
17. Thirty And Miserable-Slow Is The Suffering 2001
18. Sad Ocean-In Servitude To Destiny 1996
19. Funeral-In Servitude To Destiny 1996
20. Where Low The Ravens Fly-In Servitude To Destiny 1996
21. Dawn Of Winter-In Servitude To Destiny 1996

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