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Dead Sun -Collection Of Past Remains cd


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The story of Dead Sun started in 1997, founded by Rogga Johansson and Andreas Carlsson from Paganizer. The band recorded several demos and EPs over the years. Collection Of Past Remains contains the collection of all songs recorded between their regular albums since 2013, some of which have not been released until today. This collection reflects the development of this quasi Dismember worship project by Rogga, who plays all instruments except the drums, which have been taken over by Jon Rudin in the meantime. After the recent massive and respectable Night Terrors album, it’s time to dive into the complete history of Dead Sun. Any fan of murderous Swedish death metal bulldozers will love this slice of down-tuned guitars that is as melodic as it is aggressive. Dive into the depths of Dead Sun – you won’t be disappointed.

Track list:
1. Burn It Áll Away
2. Doomsday Beckons
3. You Become The Prey
4. Then It All Dies
5. Pain Eraser
6. Survive To Face Extinction
7. The End Of The Rising
8. And Then It Dies Again
9. Subject To Entropy
10. Suffer Now
11. It Will Come
12. Last Remains
13. Cold Void
14. Demiser

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