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Dead To This World -First Strike For Spiritual Renewance lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover

Dead To This World is the new band of ex-Immortal, Necrophagia bass-player Iscariah. The band delivers pitch black thrash metal and the debut album is set to blow minds! Drumming duties on the album are handled by ex-Gorgoroth, Sigfader, Jotunspor, Wardruna, ex-Sahg drummer Kvitrafn. If you love your metal with some hooks or groove in it then you get it straight away with the opening track Night Of The Necromancer as its a rockin song thats very catchy. Goatpower is the next stand out track. Excellent thrash song. And then comes, in my opinion, the best track on the album, 1942. And from the title of the song you can probably figure out its about WWII. From the get go a soundbite of a soldier charging off to war and machine gun fire really gets the tone set. Its starts out with some mild blast beats then breaks into a killer groove part that will hook you. The next song Into the light (Baphomet rising) is a medium pace tune with a nice little chugging groove to it. Immediately following this song comes Unholy Inquisition. This song starts of as a classic thrash song. Then at about 1:31 they break into a tempo change up and really kick it in with another groovy section. This is where you can really get a feel for the base line that is very pronounced. The second to last song Hammer of the Gods is another excellent addition. For a first release all in all its very impressive. Vocals, guitars, Drums, and Bass are all top notch here. When all is said and done – it seems that Iscariah’s decision to leave Immortal was a good one, since it created one of the better bands in Norway and an album that stands in the same line with “Black Thrash Attack” and “No Retreat… No Surrender”. Blackened thrash metal fans need this one

Track list:
1. I, The Facilitator
2. Night Of The Necromancer
3. Shadows Of The Cross
4. Goatpower
5. 1942
6. Into The Light (Baphomet Rising)
7. Unholy Inquisition
8. To Free Death Upon Them
9. Hammer Of The Gods

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