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Deadly Actions Live Retrospective 1994-1996 vhs


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Reduced price due to box having clamp marks and storage wear

Official European PAL version

Limited numbered box set from 2001 with a metal plate on cover. This is number 100

Video compilation (PAL format) of all bands that performed at the first three Deadly Actions festivals, except for four bands that are missing; Morthond (was not recorded), Contrastate (artist decided recording was of too bad quality), Dagda Mor (not recorded) and Allerseelen (not recorded live, but the band created a video to be put on this compilation). If youre into all kinds of industrial, ambient, electronic and / or rhythmic noise then check out this video

Track list:
1. Hybryds -Sjamanistic Dream
2. Anenzephalia -Megalomaniac II
3. Anenzephalia -Last Chance Passed
4. Deutsch Nepal -Thomas 29 Needles
5. Allerseelen -Dunkelgraue Stille
6. Söldnergeist -Gefahrenzone
7. Söldnergeist -Perfekte Kunst
8. Brighter Death Now -Innerwar
9. Mental Destruction -Streams Of Time
10. Mental Destruction -Metamorphosis
11. Genocide Organ -Dogday
12. Genocide Organ -Patria Y Libertad
13. Stigma -The End
14. Dive -Sick In Your Mind
15. Dive -Final Report
16. Dive -Blood Money
17. Endvra -The Infernal Current
18. Predominance -Nails Of Christ
19. Predominance -Final Chants
20. In Slaughter Natives -Clean Cathedral
21. In Slaughter Natives -Chaos Breeding
22. Con-Dom -Locust Day
23. Con-Dom -Church Without Christ
24. Asche -Und Es War Krieg Am Horizont
25. Asche -Endlich
26. Zoviet France -Untitled
27. Iugula-Thor -Assholes
28. Iugula-Thor -I’m Tied
29 Les Joyaux De La Princesse -La Rose Blanche (Extrait)
30. Anenzephalia -Final Pulse
31. Anenzephalia -Revenge (Day Of Rope)
32. The Grey Wolves -Here We Come
33. The Grey Wolves -New Luddites
34. La Nomenklatur -Exthrem.0

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