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Deaf Dealer – Keeper Of The Flame/Journey Into Fear


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A Quebec band in the early 80’s metal style. They were founded in 1980 in Quebeck and bassist Jean Fortin (a.k.a. J.P. Forsyth) had briefly occupied the same position in an early version of Voivod. Deaf Dealer were first heard on the 'Metal Massacre IV' compilation. In 1986 the band released their debut, 'Keeper of the Flame'. In the UK this record surfaced on the indie label Neat Records. The debut release was produced by Michael Meese. The debut had major label distribution, advertising and push in Canada but didn’t sell as the label had hoped. Many critics accused them for being Iron Maiden clones. There second recorded album 'Journey In To Fear' was never released until 2005 as bonus tracks on this cd version of 'Keeper Of The Flame' Track listing: 1. Don't Get It In My Way 2. Deaf Dealer 3. On The Wings Of A Russian Foxbat 4. The Fugitive 5. Dead Zone 6. Sadist 7. Free And Easy 8. Getting Ready To Go 9. Caution To Kill 10. Back To The Gods Country 11. Mind Games 12. Blood Cut Sound 13. Tribute To A Madman 14. East And Terror 15. To Hell And Back 16. Escape From A Mountain 17. Journey Into Fear

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