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Death Angel -The Bastard Tracks dlp [splatter]


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Double album on springtime green with dark grey splatter vinyls, gatefold cover and poster. Limited 700 copies

During the pandemic lockdown the underrated thrash act Death Angel came up with a cool idea. Instead of doing a normal live streaming like many other bands, Death Angel came up with the idea to perform tracks that they rarely performs at shows, leaving out all the material from The Ultra Violence album. So they went through their back catalouge and came up with these 15-tracks and recorded it live on May 22nd at the legendary Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. The recording was handled by the bands long time sixth member and sound engineer Thilo Fehkinger so the tunes sounds great and the band is tight.

Track list:
1. Lord Of Hate
2. Where They Lay
3. Why You Do This
4. Fallen
5. Absence Of Light
6. The Organization
7. Execution / Don’t Save Me
8. Succubus
9. It Can’t Be This
10. Let The Pieces Fall
11. Faded Remains
12. Volcanic
13. Falling Off The Edge Of The World
14. Guilty Of Innocence
15. Alive And Screaming

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