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Death Breath -Let It Stink 10″


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2022 press on black vinyl 10”

Death Breath, the death metal purist’s bloody-wet dream fronted by Entombed/Nihilist founder (and Hellacopters main man) Nicke Andersson, vomits up the Let It Stink mini album. Let It Stink heaves forth four brand new songs, covers of Bathory, G.B.H. and Discharge into one twitching mass of old school death greatness. Like a corpse resurrected by the mad doctor himself, Death Breath is the undead embodiment of the true spirit of death metal.

Track listing:
1. Giving Head To The Dead
2. His Protoplasmic Worship
3. Maimed And Slaughtered-Discharge cover
4. Dead But Walking
5. Lycanthropy-G.B.H. cover
6. Sacrifice-Bathory cover
7. Twisted In Distaste

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