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Death Breath -Stinking Up The Night lp


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2019 re-issue on black vinyl with gatefold cover

A little country called Sweden still continues to churn out the best goddamn death metal our twisted ears could hope for. The reasons are simple. Swedish bands have not fallen prey to the note count. The emphasis on the power of the almighty RIFF combined with an admirable, almost rabid dedication to the Dismember/Entombed roots have enabled Swedish bands to churn out record after crushing record of terrifyingly consistent death metal. The names behind the Death Breath engine are truly impressive, boasting 2 of the biggest Swedish metal masterminds, Nicke Andersson (of Entombed/Nihilst fame) and Robert Pehrsson (of Runemagick and Deathwitch). Make no mistake, what Death Breath have managed to achieve on Stinking Up The Night is not original in anyway. Death Breaths music mixes copious amounts of Nickes roots, Nihilist and Entombed influenced buzzsaw riffs with sludgy, chugging, skullcrushing slower segments derived from Autopsy. The emphasis on this record is not to indulge in pretentious, technical songwriting but simply to create a riff-driven, no-frills, enjoyable death metal record to cater to that segment of us who still thrive upon memories of Sunlight Records and Morrisound accomplishments in the metal of death.

Track listing:
1. Death Breath
2. Chopping Spree
3. Heading For Decapitation
4. Dragged Through the Mud
5. Coffins of the Unembalmed Dead
6. A Morbid Mind
7. Reduced to Ashes
8. Christ All Fucking Mighty
9. Flabby Little Things From Beyond
10. Cthulhu Fhtagn!

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