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Death -Leprosy dlp [clear]


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30th anniversary pressing on clear vinyls. With gatefold cover and one bonus album. Limited 5000 copies

Chuck Schuldiner gets even darker and bleaker on Leprosy, the follow-up to Death’s long-awaited 1987 debut, Scream Bloody Gore. Schuldiner recorded the album with a completely different Death line-up, but the record isn’t terribly different from its predecessor, aside from a bit more polish in the production and composition. Even the lyrics show some progression, since here Chuck finds the time to put some provocative thoughts about politics and society in general. Leprosy was a pioneering album, building upon the thrash sounds of Metallica and Slayer but adding a previously unheard level of raw extremity. These songs are the roots of an entire genre: death metal. While this was only the second record Death release, it immediately cemented them as heavy metal icons.

Track list:
1. Leprosy
2. Born Dead
3. Forgotten Past
4. Left To Die
5. Pull The Plug
6. Open Casket
7. Primitive Ways
8. Choke On It
9. Open Casket-rehearsal 23rd September 1987
10. Choke On It-rehearsal 23rd September 1987
11. Left To Die-take 1-rehearsal 23rd September 1987
12. Left To Die-take 2-rehearsal 23rd September 1987
13. Left To Die-rehearsal 5th of December 1987
14. Open Casket-rehearsal 5th of December 1987
15. Pull The Plug-rehearsal 5th of December 1987
16. Choke On It-rehearsal 5th of December 1987
17. Born Dead-rehearsal 5th of December 1987
18. Forgotten Past-rehearsal 5th of December 1987

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