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Death Metal Live 4dvd [box]


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Reduced price due to slipcase having small marks and white corners due to storage wear

Very rare 2009 box set featuring 4 dvds in a slipcase

Dvd 1: Carcass -Wake Up And Smell The Carcass
Carcass first dvd is a compilation that contains 100 minutes of rarities. The material here is transfered from a battered VHS tape without any enhancements at all but that doesn’t detract from the fun.The dvd opens up with 5 promo videos, 3 of them being from their later melodic death metal era. The highlight here is the live recording from London Astoria on the 18th of March 1992, during the bands Gods Of Grind Tour. This is worth the money alone. Incredibly well filmed and with a terrific stereo mix where the guitars shred, trebley but totally audible bass guitarwork and inhuman drumming. Its easy to see and hear that it was Carcass that invented the grindcore genre. Then it ends with material from Nottingham Rock City on the 14th of November 1989, during their Grindcrusher Tour. This really is Carcass in the raw and the material here feels like bootleg quality. Still enough rare material on this dvd to make it a must for any fan of Carcass

Dvd 2: Deicide -When London Burns
The first ever dvd release from death metal legends Deicide features an incendiary live set filmed before a rabid sold out crowd of maniacs in London, Glen Benton and Co. rip the place apart with a smoking set featuring 13 evil crowd favorites. Recorded live at the Mean Fiddler, London, England on November 29th 2004. From the opening chords of Scars Of The Crucifix, Anti-Christ anthems like Kill The Christian and stoking the fires of Hades to the apocalyptic end with Oblivious To Evil, When London Burns captures Deicide at their diabolic best. Plus, if you can still stand the heat, there’s also a bonus 30 minute documentary called Behind The Scars. See behind the scenes as Deicide record Scars Of The Crucifix plus candid interviews at home and backstage with the band and exclusive footage from the rehearsal room and the formation of Deicide and Glen’s forehead branding explained.

Dvd 3: Decapitated -Live At The Rescue Rooms
Polish technical death metal band Decapitated filmed on the 20th of December 2004 at Nottingham Rescue Rooms, featuring the original Winds Of Creation line-up, including vocalist Sauron. Filmed on several cameras with great audio quality, the dvd ably demonstrates just why Decapiitated are considered among the elite death metal hierarchy.

Dvd 4: Napalm Death -The Dvd
A massive dvd with the grind death legends Napalm Death. The dvd starts out with 6 promo videos the band did during their Earache years. Out next comes a show recorded at the Salisbury Arts Centre on the 30th of June 1990. This is an awesome show with an excellent choice of songs and clips of Napalm really shredding. Then we have a show from Nottingham Rock City on the 14th of November 1989. Here you can actually see Mitch Harris on the side of the stage and this is before he joined the band. Last we have two tracks from the University Of London Union on the 23rd of February 1989. Its short but amazing. Just to hear and see Lee Dorrian (pre-Cathedral) on vocals and hear his voice echo across the audience as Embury, Harris and Bill Steer (pre-Carcass) tear shit up. Unfortunately its only two tracks on this dvd and as they finish You Suffer you can hear Dorrian say Mentally Murdered. But after that it cuts the rest of the show out. Earache has deprived us of an excellent show. There is a reason why the band called them the enemy of the music business.

Track list:
Dvd 1: Carcass -Wake Up And Smell The Carcass
1. Heartwork-video
2. Corporal Jigsore Quandary-video
3. Keep On Rotting In The Free World-video
4. Incarnated Solvent Abuse-video
5. No Love Lost-video
6. Inpropagation-London 1992
7. Corporal Jigsore Quandary-London 1992
8. Reek Of Putrefaction-London 1992
9. Pedigree Butchery-London 1992
10. Incarnated Solvent Abuse-London 1992
11. Carneous Cacoffiny-London 1992
12. Lavaging Expectorate Of Lysergide Composition-London 1992
13. Exhume To Consume-London 1992
14. Tools Of The Trade-London 1992
15. Ruptured In Purulence-London 1992
16. Genital Grinder II-Nottingham 1989
17. Exhume To Consume-Nottingham 1989
18. Excoriating Abdominal Emanation-Nottingham 1989
19. Ruptured In Purulence-Nottingham 1989
20. Empathological Necroticism-Nottingham 1989
21. Embryonic Necropsy And Devourment-Nottingham 1989
22. Reek Of Putrefaction-Nottingham 1989

Dvd 2: Deicide -When London Burns
1. Scars Of The Crucifix
2. They Are The Children Of The Underworld
3. Bastard Of Christ
4. When Satan Rules His World
5. Once Upon The Cross
6. Kill The Christian
7. Serpents Of The Light
8. As The World Waits
9. Dead But Dreaming
10. Lunatic Of Gods Creation
11. Sacrificial Suicide
12. When Heaven Burns
13. Dead By Dawn
14. Deicide
15. Crucifixation
16. Christ Denied
17. Oblivious To Evil
18. Behind The Scars-documentary

Dvd 3: Decapitated -Live At The Rescue Rooms
1. The Fury
2. Three-Dimensional Defect
3. Lying And Weak
4. Winds Of Creation
5. Nihility (Anti-Human Manifesto)
6. The Negation
7. Perfect Dehumanisation (The Answer?)
8. Sensual Sickness
9. Spheres Of Madness
10. Mother War

Dvd 4: Napalm Death -The Dvd
1. Mass Appeal Madness-video
2. The World Keeps Turning-video
3. Suffer The Children-video
4. Plague Rages-video
5. Breead To Breathe-video
6. Greed Killing-video
7. Control-Salisbury 1990
8. Walls Of Confinement-Salisbury 1990
9. Unchallenged Hate-Salisbury 1990
10. Life?-Salisbury 1990
11. The Kill-Salisbury 1990
12. Scum-Salisbury 1990
13. If The Truth Be Known-Salisbury 1990
14. Lucid Fairytale-Salisbury 1990
15. Malicious Intent-Salisbury 1990
16. Social Sterility-Salisbury 1990
17. Suffer The Children-Salisbury 1990
18. From Enslavement To Obliteration-Salisbury 1990
19. Dead-Salisbury 1990
20. Practice What You Preach-Salisbury 1990
21. Mentally Murdered-Salisbury 1990
22. Extremity Retained-Salisbury 1990
23. Mindsnare-Salisbury 1990
24. Success?-Salisbury 1990
25. Rise Above-Salisbury 1990
26. Instinct Of Survival-Salisbury 1990
27. Siege Of Power-Salisbury 1990
28. You Suffer-Salisbury 1990
29. Deceiver-Salisbury 1990
30. Rise Above-Nottingham 1989
31. Life?-Nottingham 1989
32. The Kill-Nottingham 1989
33. Walls Of Confinement-Nottingham 1989
34. Deceiver-Nottingham 1989
35. You Suffer-Nottingham 1989
36. Siege Of Power-Nottingham 1989
37. M. A. D.-Nottingham 1989
38. Retreat To Nowhere-Nottingham 1989
39. Scum-Nottingham 1989
40. From Enslavement To Obliteration-Nottingham 1989
41. The Missing Link-Nottingham 1989
42. Negative Approach-Nottingham 1989
43. Mentally Murdered-Nottingham 1989
44. Human Garbage-Nottingham 1989
45. Stigmatized-Nottingham 1989
46. Control-Nottingham 1989
47. Success?-Nottingham 1989
48. Social Sterility-Nottingham 1989
49. Instinct Of Survival-Nottingham 1989
50. Dead-Nottingham 1989
51. Practice What You Preach-Nottingham 1989
52. Unchallenged Hate-Nottingham 1989
53. Siege Of Power-Nottingham 1989
54. You Suffer-Nottingham 1989
55. Dead-Nottingham 1989
56. Deceiver-Nottingham 1989
57. Scum-University Of London 1989
58. You Suffer-University Of London 1989

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