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Death Note 2: The Last Name cd


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A5 digibook edition with a 36 page booklet

Soundtrack to the 2006 Japanese psychological supernatural detective thriller film directed by Shusuke Kaneko, the man behind the Gamera trilogy and Godzilla, Mothra And King Ghidorah Giant Monsters All-Out Attack to name a few. Death Note 2 is the second movie with real actors based on the Death Note manga and anime series by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. The soundtrack was made by Kenji Kawai, one of Japans most famous music composer. Kawai has done lots of soundtracks to movies as well as for anime movies, video games and televised programs. Among his credits are Tsui Hark’s Seven Swords and Wilson Yip’s Ip Man; StrayDog: Kerberos Ghost in the Shell, Hideo Nakata’s films Ring, Ring 2, Chaos, Dark Water and Kaidan. Fans of Manga, Anime series as well as fans of dark ambient music should take notice

Track list:
1. Yellow Eyes
2. Sympathy
3. Draw Near
4. A Temptation
5. Evening Spot
6. Sakura Terebi Matsuri Ondo
7. Videotape Message
8. Burn With Anger
9. Stranger
10. A Light Shining In The Darkness
11. Warning
12. Dear
13. Imprisonment
14. Weak Point
15. Make A Program
16. Parental Love
17. Tickle A Person’s Vanity
18. Trick
19. Desire For Revenge
20. Investigate
21. Narcissism
22. Set A Trap
23. Be Caught In A Trap
24. Advent
25. Feint
26. An Innocent Virgin
27. Decoy
28. Fear
29. Loser
30. Game Over
31. Sad Man
32. The Dignity Of Man
33. Pure Love
34. The Last Name

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