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Death -Scream Bloody Gore lp [tri-color]


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2024 re-issue on tri-color merge with splatter vinyl with lyric insert and silver foil cover

A pioneer leads the way and establishes new standards for everyone else to follow. This feat is extremely rare in the world of music. If a visionary does happen to come along, they record one or two records and then burn out and fade away. Others forget their roots and change radically, effectively destroying their groundbreaking past. Neither of these scenarios applies to singer/guitarist/songwriter Chuck Schuldiner, who has come to define the word pioneer. His band, Death, which started back in the early 80s, is one of the most respected and innovative bands in the metal scene. They influenced a whole range of bands and defined the parameters of the death metal movement. Beyond the bands importance, Chuck himself was one of the most respected people in the business. In his long career as the godfather of death metal, he never stopped being creative and always had the knack for writing classic songs. Chuck strove to create his own sound, regardless of the consequences. His undeniable will and vision confounded the metal scene, but the few who saw the genius in his music understood like all pioneers, Chuck was way ahead of the times.

Track listing:
1. Infernal Death
2. Zombie Ritual
3. Denial Of Life
4. Sacrificial
5. Mutilation
6. Regurgitated Guts
7. Baptized In Blood
8. Torn To Pieces
9. Evil Dead
10. Scream Bloody Gore
11. Beyond The Unholy Grave
12. Land Of No Return

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