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Death SS ‎–The Evil Singles 1983-1997 dcd


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The Evil Singles 1983/1997 with the Italian pioneers of horror rock Death SS is a double disc collection of all the original single and EP releases that the band published in the 80s and in the 90s. All the recordings have been given a new mastered from the original sources. Death SS was founded in 1977 by Steve Sylvester, with the aim of forming a group that encompasses all its particular interests for occultism, horror films, erotic comics and rock music, in an original way. The singer, then just a teenager, decided to apply the concept of “glamor” with a strong visual characterization to five characters inspired by stories of terror: the Vampire (the singer), the Mummy (the bass player), the Werewolf (the drummer) , the Zombie (the guitar player) and the Phantom Of The Opera (the keyboard player). Death SS literally means “In Death Of Steve Sylvester” – name chosen to mean the symbolic “Death” of the human state of Steve Sylvester (SS) and its rebirth from the beginning under the light of the Occult, without any political reference. Immediately considered a cult band for their shocking and theatrical live shows, they have influenced generations of other bands all over the world, being in fact to be considered as the progenitors of Black Metal, even if musically their formula has always been marked from a constant stylistic evolution record after record.

Track list:
1. Zombie
2. Terror
3. The Night Of The Witch
4. Black Mummy
5. Profanation
6. Spiritualist Seance
7. Vampire
8. Come To The Sabbat (live)
9. Kings Of Evil
10. Murder Angels
11. Horrible Eyes
12. Cursed Mama
13. In The Darkness
14. Mandrake Root
15. Heavy Demons
16. Baphomet
17. Where Have You Gone
18. Death Walks Behind You
19. Straight To Hell
20. Futilist Lament
21. Chains Of Death
22. Black And Violet
23. Come To The Sabbat
24. Ave Satani
25. Guardian Angel
26. Tempting Devil
27. Baron Samedi
28. Magick
29. Scarlet Woman
30. At Nightime

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