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Death SS -The 666 Box [6×7″]


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Box containing 6 vinyl singles with the Italian horror metal masters. Limited 666 copies

Death SS are one of the very few bands that managed to mix many different kinds of music and created something very unique and interesting. The box contains the following singles: ‘Vampire’ (with ‘Vampire’ and ‘Come To The Sabbath’ from the band’s first LP, ‘In Death Of Steve Sylvester’), ‘Horrible Eyes’ (with ‘Horrible Eyes’ and the single version of ‘Cursed Mama’ from the ‘Black Mass’ LP), ‘Kings Of Evil’ (with ‘Kings Of Evil’ from their second LP and ‘Murder Angels’ from their debut LP), ‘Heavy Demons/Baphomet’ (from the masterpiece ‘Heavy Demons’ LP), ‘Chains Of Death’ and ‘Come To The Sabbath/Ave Satani’. All the songs can be found in the albums of the Italians (except from the single versions of ‘Vampire’ and ‘Cursed Mama’ and the live version of ‘Come To The Sabbath’) so this box appeals to the die-hard fans of Death SS. Those unfamiliar with this band should check out the first three albums of the Italians and especially the divine ‘Heavy Demons’.

Track list:
1. Vampire
2. Come To The Sabbath-live
3. Horrible Eyes
4. Cursed Mama
5. Kings Of Evil
6. Murder Angel
7. Heavy Demons
8. Baphomet
9. Chains Of Death
10. Black And Violet
11. Come To The Sabbath
12. Ave Satani

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