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Deathrage -Down In The Depth Of Sickness cd


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2014 re-issue with 7 bonus tracks

Back in 1986 Alex Vicini (bass guitar) and Mauro Tonon (lead vocalist) decided to make their ideas come true under the name Deathrage. The lyrics focused mostly on social issues and took an anti-satanic stance. In 1988 the band signed up with Metal Master and released their first album with the title Self Conditioned Self Limited. The band was also able to play several concerts throughout northern Italy. In 1990 Alex Nicolini entered the band and his influence lead the band to take a more Death Metal style approach for their second album Down In The Depth Of Sickness, which was released back in 1990. This album is definitely made with a passion but unfortunately it comes out as quite an uneven affair. This Milan band sound rests on solid foundations of American thrash metal but also mixes in some Napalm Death death metal and some dirtiness like Motorhead. The album opens with a two minute intro D.I.T.D.O.S. before going into a sonic ear assault with Nobody Was Here followed by the well played Suicide Age and A Price Too High To Pay. The album suffers a bit with the monotonous Naussea or the punkish This Ones For Our Friends but comes to life again with the rocky Me And My 4 Walls, with its nice arrangement and then ends with A Man In Disguise that alternates slow parts to other more aggressive ones and they both creates a vortex that just sucks you in. The band had planned to release a third album in 1993 but it was never materialized so its therefore great to have their complete final recording, the 1992 demo, on here as a bonus as this give you a hint on what direction this band was moving into, for example the keyboards in When Youre Feeling. The album doesnt come with the highest production but anyone into thrash metal performed with a passion will probably take this for a pleasant ride

Track listing:
1. D.I.T.D.O.S.-intro
2. Nobody Was Here
3. Suicide Age
4. A Price Too High To Pay
5. Who Knows
6. La Nausee
7. Perfect Crime
8. This Ones For Our Friends
9. Me And My 4 Walls
10. Its Just A Mistake
11. A Man In Disguise
12. Tribal Approach
13. When Youre Feeling
14. Starship In The Garden
15. Pane Salame E Maionese
16. Be Cool Man
17. Man
18. Fate la Nanna Coscine di Pollo

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