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Deathstars ‎–Synthetic Generation lp [swirl]


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Clear vinyl with blue swirl with lyric insert and one bonus tracks. Limited 333 numbered copies

Stockholm’s Deathstars is a metamorphosed version of Swordmaster. The band was formed by ex-Dissection guitarist Emil Nodtveidt (a.k.a. Nightmare Industries). If you like industrial metal ala Rammstein and Marilyn Manson but wouldnt mind a gothic touch then check out Deathstars. Vocalist Whiplasher has an impressive deep dark voice. Deathstars 2002 album, Synthetic Generation, is an amazing treat for music lovers of the gothic industrial scene with some amazing beats.

Track list:
1. Semi-Automatic
2. Synthetic Generation
3. New Dead Nation
4. Syndrome
5. Modern Death
6. Little Angel
7. The Revolution Exodus
8. Damn Me
9. The Rape
10. Genocide
11. No Light
12. Our God The Drugs

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