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Deathwitch -Deathfuck Rituals cd


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Formed by well-known underground veteran Nicke Terror, Deathwitch have been delivering their rotten and brutal old school death/black metal since the early nineties. Inspired by the early offerings by bands such as Bathory, Tiamat and Sodom. Terror sounds like Cronos (Venom) and Angelripper (Sodom) mixed together in some unholy marriage of wickedly satanic vocals. Deathwitch sounds so evil, it’s weird. If you are into ANY old school bands like, Sodom, Destruction, Celtic Frost, or Venom, start with Monumental Mutilations, after that you’ll do what I did: buy all Deathwitch you can find!

Track list:
1. Satanic Orgasm Abyss
2. Order Of Perversion
3. Deathfuck Rituals
4. Only Death
5. Mayhem Masturbator
6. Ymodos 666
7. Fuckonecroholic
8. On Paths To Sodom
9. Revelation Of The Goat
10. Evil Fertilizer
11. Vampire Slut
12. Erection Of Lucifer
13. Repulsions In Heaven

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