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Deceased – Corpses Souls And Other Strangeness


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Best of. Luck Of The Corpse, The Thirteen Frightened Souls, and 4 bonus tracks Tracklist: 1. Fading Survival 2. The Cemetery's Full 3. Experimenting With Failure 4. Futuristic Doom 5. Haunted Cerebellum 6. Decrepit Coma 7. Shrieks From The Hearse 8. Psychedelic Warriors 9. Feasting On Skulls 10. Birth By Radiation 11. Gutwrench 12. The Thirteen Frightened Souls 13. Robotic Village 14. Voivod 15. Planet Graveyard / Nuclear Exorcist 16. The Thirteen Frightened Souls (Alternate Take) 17. Robotic Village (Alternate Take) 18. Fading Survival (Live) 19. The Cemetery's Full (Live)

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