Def-Con-One -Brute Force And Ignorance lp [green]



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Green vinyl one lazer etched side in a gatefold cover. Limited 250 copies

The Brute Force And Ignorance E.P. is Def-Con-One, Featuring former Venom and Mpire Of Evil drummer Antton Lant, s follow-up to Warface, and a taster of what is to be expected from their upcoming second album. The E.P. is to be a vinyl only release, so if you want to own in in a physical form (and you’re a music fan, of course you do) you’ll need to dig that turntable out of the attic. Presentation wise the band have gone to town once again. DCO drummer Antton has been teasing us with a description of what we can expect… It’s going to be a 12” Nuclear Green Vinyl with All four tracks on one side and our signatures lazer etched into the vinyl on the other side. Full open out gatefold cover packed with live pictures etc. An object of desire for sure, and it looks pretty stylish, but what’s style without substance ? Well, as you can probably imagine from the title it’s not going to be easy listening for the cardigan wearing generation… The E.P. consists of 4 tracks of what can only be described as core-tinged Heavy Metal brutality to frighten the pets and soul the underwear. Anyone who has heard Warface knows what to expect, but the tracks here are Warface with extra studs, chains and fuck-you-right-in-the-face attitude. The E.P. is kind of a catch-up on things to date. No More Hate made an appearance as a free download a while back, while Caving In and Weapons Of War are resurrected from the band’s early days. Those three have been reworked into something quite different from their original forms, heavier and more brutal without losing DCO’s trademark ear for a melody. It all just sounds, well, bigger… helped by a near perfect production job that keeps just enough of a dirty, industrial edge.. Antton Lant’s thunderous percussion underpins a driving bang-your-head sound where Steve Miller’s bass brings the gut-churning bottom end thunder while Johnny Hunter’s guitar brings the crunch. For me the biggest surprise here is the performance of vocalist Davey Meikle, his performance on Warface was good, but this is a whole new level of snarling intensity… that’s when he’s not letting rip at the top of his lungs. This E.P., and in particular the new track Brute Force And Ignorance, shows just how much the band have developed of late. There’s no one on the scene at the moment quite like Def Con One, in terms of sheer heaviness they make most of their peers sound like Boyzone. If this is the shape of things to come then the new album is going to be something special.

Track listing:
1. Brute Force And Ignorance
2. Caving In
3. Weapons Of War
4. No More Hate

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Night Of The Vinyl Dead Records

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