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Definitivt 50 Spann Volume 5 cd


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In the early 90s, punk music got a kind of revival in Sweden. It first showed up in the late 70s with bands such as Ebba Gron and Grisen Skriker. Then in the 80s we had acts such as Strebers and Asta Kask. Then in the 90s came the third wave and labels like Birdnest, Arda, Beat Butchers and Rainbow got together and founded RABB (the initials of the original labels) Records. The idea with Rabb was to release compilation albums so punks could get an overview of all the new punk bands that were put together in this era. The compilation series was called Definitvit 50 Spänn (Definitely 50 Bucks) and no matter were you bought your album it costed 50 sek. 12 volumes were released between 1992 and 2004 before the idea was put to rest and the third punk wave more or less were over. The fifth volume was released in 1996 and features 20 tracks

Track list:
1. Brandgul –Kvicksilversand
2. Guineapigs –Plutonium
3. Human Error –Understand
4. Johan Johansson –Känd
5. Ellen Jamesians –Death Song
6. Coca Carola –Livet
7. Svart Snö –Hoppa På Bandvagnen
8. Radioaktiva Räker –Ensam Vinner Krig
9. Hydrogenium –Club Albanao
10. Sober –Superman
11. Robert Johnson –Buzz Aldrin
12. Köttgrottorna –Kalårtjo
13. De Lyckliga Kompisarna –Borlänge
14. Skumdum –Svek
15. Mögel –Killing Time
16. Charles –Där Hatet Bor
17. Åka Bil –25:e Februari-Inferno cover
18. Solar Lodge –Smashit
19. Roger Karlsson –Dansar Så Dåligt
20. Big Fish –Andar I Halsen

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