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Us pressing on Hammerheart America records with 2 bonus live tracks

Swedens fine thrash death act Defleshed was started in Uppsala in 1991 by guitarist Lars Lofven. The band released two demos and a vinyl single before Gustaf became the vocalist and the ball started to roll. The band recorded the mini album ‘Ma Belle Scalpelle’ in 1994 and the first full length labum ‘Abrah Kadavrah’ in 1996. Defleshed where at the time of the first album a four piece band but when guitarist Kristoffer Griedl left the band in 1996 Defleshed became the powerful three piece that they are today. In December 2000 Hammerheart records re-released the first album with the ‘My Belle Scalpelle’ mini album as a bonus. These two recordings might be a bit different from their later work but you can definitely see that the band is searching for its identity in a crowded panorama but they succeed anyway in creating a quite compact album with quite good songs. These two albums doesn’t feature the typical Swedish death metal copycat music that were common for the period but there are some inevitable American death metal influences. They’ve perfectly combined brutal death metal with technical riffing. Awesome drums, great vocals, cool lyrics, amazing guitar riffs in a sound that mixes in a good way down tempos with up ones and speed restarts. The double kick work is great in ‘With A Gambrel’, a bit unusual for the future music change by the band. Everything sounds less impulsive and grind, there are more opened parts, less suffocated by the blast beats. The vocals are sick, very Pestilence style, so also raw but not excessively screamed and even the drums sound more death and less grind for heaviness and brutality. The melodic solos on ‘In Chains And Leather’ are stunning, the pure brutal death gore riffage on ‘Anatomically Incorrect’ is great as the violins and the melodic solos on the great ‘Body Art’. This was a good debut and a sign of things to come. This is highly recommended to all death metal heads

Track listing:
Abrah Kadavrah – 1996
1. Beaten, Loved And Eaten
2. Mary Bloody Mary
3. With A Gambrel
4. In Chains And Leather
5. Abrah Kadavrah
6. Gone With The Feaces
7. Anatomically Incorrect
8. On Gorgeous Grounds
9. Body Art…
10. Pierced Through The Heart

Ma Belle Scalpelle – 1994
11. Gathering Flies
12. Moribiance Blue Cafe
13. Simply Fall Towards
14. Many Mangled Maggots
15. Ma Belle Scalpelle
16. Mary Bloody Mary-live
17. In Chains And Leather-live

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