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Defleshed – Under the Blade


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Tracklist: 1. Farewell To The Flesh 2. Entering My Yesterdays 3. Eat The Meat Raw 4. Sons Of Spellcraft, And Starfalls 5. Metalbounded 6. Under The Blade 7. Thorns Of A Black Rose 8. Cinderella's Return And Departure 9. Walking The Moons Of Mars 10. Metallic Warlust 11. Curse The Gods 12. Entering My Yesterdays (Live) 13. Metallic Warlust (Live) 14. Under The Blade (Live) 15. Walking The Moons Of Mars (Live) 16. Thorns Of A Black Rose (Live) 17. Beneath The Remains 18. Obsculum Obscenum 19. Satanic Source 20. Phlegm

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