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Deicide -Banished By Sin MC


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US pressed music cassette. Red cassette with black text.

Building upon the band’s storied, 35-year legacy, Deicide have yet again uncompromisingly slayed the holy trinity of brutality, intensity, and aggression with their 2024 album Banished By Sin. This album is a striking return to form for the band, as Kevin Quirion and Taylor Nordberg have given them a fresh, revitalized sound and breathed new life into their performance. Steve Asheim’s drumming is in top form, as usual, as are Glen Benton’s vocals and lyrics. Glen utilizes his double tracked high and low vocals extremely well. They are mixed properly here, unlike on Scars Of The Crucifix, where the vocals seemed to drown each other out/make the lyrics hard to understand. This album is for anyone who has ever liked ANY of Deicide’s previous albums. Buy Banished By Sin and you will experience the best Deicide album since Scars Of The Crucifix.

Track list:
1. From Unknown Heights You Shall Fall
2. Doomed To Die
3. Sever The Tongue
4. Faithless
5. Bury The Cross… With Your Christ
6. Woke From God
7. Ritual Defied
8. Failures Of Your Dying Lord
9. Banished By Sin
10. A Trinity Of None
11. I Am I A Curse Of Death
12. The Light Defeated

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