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Deicide – Insineratehymn


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Not that Deicide care, but Insineratehymm is that rarest of death metal records that fans of all heavy music have a chance to enjoy. Continuing their late-90s trend of simplifying their music and focusing on memorable riffs and stripped down arrangements, the songs on this 2000 release each have unique qualities, and even some near-melodicism. That's not to say that bassist/vocalist and bandleader Glen Benton decided to actually sing. His patented growls and groans remain unchanged, but within the slower, more focused riffs and arrangements, his godless messages have the room needed for maximum clarity and impact. Unlike so many of his contemporaries, it isn't always necessary to read the lyrics in order to understand what he's saying — which adds greatly to the demonic affect. Standout tracks include the almost catchy Bible Basher and the double-bass juggernaut Halls of Worship. One of the strongest collections in their oeuvre, Insineratehymm is certainly one of Deicides strongest offerings. Track listing: 1. Bible Basher 2. Forever Hate You 3. Standing In The Flames 4. Remnant Of A Hopeless Path 5. The Gift That Keeps On Giving 6. Halls Of Warship 7. Suffer Again 8. Worst Enemy 9. Apocalyptic Fear 10. Refusal Of Penance

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