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Deicide – Legion


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This onslaught of ever-shifting double-bass and extreme guitar riffing is considered by many to be an essential (if not the premier) example of Deicide's world-class death metal. While bassist/vocalist and bandleader Glen Benton never accepted the categorization, his band helped define the early '90s death movement with their somewhat complicated, ultra-heavy music and low, growling vocals. Legion stands out as a musically complex but familiar offering from the band. Live favorite "Trifixion" is indeed one of the better cuts from the release, but it's easier to consider this disc (and most records like it) as a whole. Deicide's compositions and performances are solid and serious throughout, but Benton's outspoken anti-Christian beliefs and admitted Satanism are what first brought the group attention, and what ultimately separated them from secondary contributors to the genre. This radical philosophy is stated emphatically within the lyrics of Legion — just in case fans weren't paying attention to interviews and onstage rants. Listeners who admire death and extreme metal in all its forms are generally aware of Deicide's abilities and outspoken antisocial beliefs, so newer death metal fans will do well to start off their collection with Legion. Track listing: 1. Satan Spawns The Caco-Daemon 2. Dead But Dreaming 3. Repent To Die 4. Trifixion 5. Behead The Prophet (No Lord Shall Live) 6. Holy Deception 7. In Hell I Burn 8. Revocate The Agitator

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