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Deicide -The Roadrunner Years box [9 lps]


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A massive 9 lp box set featuring the bands studio albums from 1990 to 2001, a poster, insert and stickers

Open the door Jehovah you whore

A punishing American death metal group with a penchant for pairing uncompromising decibels with controversy, Deicide emerged in the late 1980s alongside contemporaries like Cannibal Corpse and Carcass. Based out of Tampa, Florida, the band poisoned the mainstream in 1992 with their sophomore effort Legion, which became one of the best-selling death metal LPs of the Nielsen Soundscan era. Employing a lethal mix of sonic heft and Satanism, Deicide’s championing of animal sacrifices and anti-Christianity rhetoric yielded attacks from religious organizations and animal rights groups — bomb threats from the Animal Militia culminated in an explosion at a Stockholm venue in 1992 — and helped make them one of the more prominent social and sonic antagonizers in the ’90s death metal scene. The group continued to mine the depths of depravity and despair well into the new millenium. So no matter if you love em or hate em, you still have to respect Deicide’s willingness to remain true to their original musical vision. Not music for the faint of heart.

Track list:
Lp 1: Amon Feasting The Beast
1. Lunatic Of Gods Creation
2. Sacrificial Suicide
3. Crucifixation
4. Carnage In The Temple Of The Damned
5. Dead By Dawn
6. Blasphereion
7. Feasting The Beast
8. Sacrificial Suicide
9. Day Of Darkness
10. Oblivious To Nothing

Lp 2: Deicide
1. Lunatic Of Gods Creation
2. Sacrificial Suicide
3. Oblivious To Evil
4. Dead By Dawn
5. Blaspherierion
6. Deicide
7. Carnage In The Temple Of The Damned
8. Mephitopheles
9. Day Of Darkness
10. Crucifixion

Lp 3: Legion
1. Satan Spawns The Caco-Daemon
2. Dead But Dreaming
3. Repent To Die
4. Trifixion
5. Behead The Prophet (No Lord Shall Live)
6. Holy Deception
7. In Hell I Burn
8. Revocate The Agitator

Lp 4: Once Upon The Cross
1. Once Upon The Cross
2. Christ Denied
3. When Satan Rules His World
4. Kill The Christian
5. Trick Or Betrayed
6. They Are All Children Of The Underworld
7. Behind The Light They Shall Rise
8. To Be Dead
9. Confessional Rape

Lp 5: Serpents Of The Light
1. Serpents Of The Light
2. Bastard Of Christ
3. Blame It On God
4. This Hell We’re In
5. I Am No One
6. Slaves To The Cross
7. Creatures Of Habit
8. Believe The Lie
9. The Truth Above
10. Father Bakers

Lp 6/7: When Satan Lives
1. When Satan Rules His World
2. Blame It On God
3. Bastard Of Christ
4. They Are The Children Of The Underworld
5. Serpents Of The Light
6. Dead But Dreaming
7. Slave To The Cross
8. Lunatic Of Gods Creation
9. Oblivious To Evil
10. Once Upon The Cross
11. Believe The Lie
12. Trick Or Betrayed
13. Behind The Light Thou Shall Rise
14. Deicide
15. Father Bakers
16. Dead By Dawn
17. Sacrificial Suicide

Lp 8: Insineratehymn
1. Bible Basher
2. Forever Hate You
3. Standing In The Flames
4. Remnant Of A Hopeless Path
5. The Gift That Keeps On Giving
6. Halls Of Warship
7. Suffer Again
8. Worst Enemy
9. Apocalyptic Fear
10. Refusal Of Penance

Lp 9: In Torment In Hell
1. In Torment In Hell
2. Christ Don’t Care
3. Vengeance Will Be Mine
4. Imminent Doom
5. Child Of God
6. Let It Be Done
7. Worry In The House Of Thieves
8. Lurking Among Us

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