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Deicide – When Satan Lives


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With a sudden onslaught of death metal bands in the late 90s (Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, etc.), many forget that one of the first bands to merge speed metal with Satanic lyrics was Floridas Deicide. Unlike many of the groups that have played death metal over the years, Deicide is comprised of actual practicing Satanists. Fronted by the unmistakable and truly menacing bassist/vocalist Glen Benton (who sings in an unbelievably deep growl, and has the imprint of an upside-down cross burned into his forehead), the band has issued their very first live album, When Satan Lives. Recorded in August 1998 at Chicago's House of Blues, Deicide are heard grinding through all of their dark classics, to the delight of their fans. Included are speed-fuelled versions of Serpents of the Light, Blame It On God and Dead By Dawn, as well as the more moderately paced When Satan Rules His World (which leads off the album). Drummer Steve Asheim is flawless with his metronome-perfect fills and beats, while guitarists Eric and Brian Hoffman shred with delight throughout. Track listing: 1. When Satan Rules His World 2. Blame It On God 3. Bastard Of Christ 4. They Are The Children Of The Underworld 5. Serpents Of The Light 6. Dead But Dreaming 7. Slave To The Cross 8. Lunatic Of Gods Creation 9. Oblivious To Evil 10. Once Upon The Cross 11. Believe The Lie 12. Trick Or Betrayed 13. Behind The Light Thou Shall Rise 14. Deicide 15. Father Bakers 16. Dead By Dawn 17. Sacrificial Suicide

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