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Demon – Heart Of Our Time


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2002 remastered reissue on the bands own label. Includes two bonus tracks taken from the Dave Hill session for the solo album 'Welcome To The Real World' in alternative mixes. Demon should have been huge. Dave Hill has the most emotive voice in rock, bar none. The standard of songwriting on this album is as good as it gets, but when you couple that with the phenomenal musicianship that's demonstrated, it makes for a uniquely satisfying listening experience. One amazing thing about Demon is their ability to play from the heart, without ever repeating themselves or regurgitating old ideas. ‘Heart Of Our Time’ features eleven diverse tracks. 'Grown Up' sounds Pink Floyd-ish without being derivative, while the beautifully emotive 'Heart of our Time' never fails to put a smile on my face. 'High Climber' sees Dave Hill taking a powerful, aggressive vocal stance, backed up by heavy-riffing twin guitars and a perfect rhythm section. 'Hyperactive' – the first of two bonus tracks on the remaster – features transcendent guitar melodies and a chorus that's vaguely reminiscent of Marillion's 'Incommunicado'. The other bonus track, 'Dance of Life', is an upbeat rocker with a lyrical tip-of-the-hat to Elvis Presley. Demon are true originals, which is perhaps why they never achieved the gigantic commercial success they deserved. They did, however, produce some of the finest rock albums of all time. This is one such album. Every self-respecting fan of rock or metal should own it. Track listing: 1. Heart Of Our Time 2. Walk In Your Own Light 3. Genius? 4. Expressing The Heart 5. High Climber 6. Crossfire 7. Grown Ups 8. Summit 9. One Small Step 10. Hyperactive-alt mix 11. Dance Of Life-alt mix

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