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Den Saakaldte -All Hail Pessimism cd [A5 edition]


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Limited A5 edition with two bonus tracks

Sure to be a black metal highlight of 2009 when all is said and done, ‘All Hail Pessimism’ is forged in the fires of the classic Norwegian black metal sound, but enhanced with synths, piano and even a trumpet here and there. Features members of Dodheimsgard, 1349, Ondskapt, Koldbrann and Shining.

Track listing:
1. Audhumla
2. La Vinteren Vare
3. Evig
4. Vandringen
5. Satans Synder
6. Frykten For Det Opprinnelige Ode
7. Samma
8. Skrot, Samma Korn
9. Drikke Ens Skal
10. Mesias
11. Den Endelige Tankens
12. Ufravikelige Konsekvens
13. Jag Ar Den Fallna
14. Her Begynner Mine Arr-Ulver cover
15. La Vinteren Vare Evig-live Oslo 31st of March 2015

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