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Desaster ‎–Stormbringer dlp


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2021 re-issue with gatefold cover, a 4-page booklet and a bonus live album recorded in Koblenz 1998

Do you love thrash metal then you will love Desaster, and Desaster will kick your ass, Kreator style, especially on ‘Tormentor’. Holy Ventor – this song sounds as if it was taken right off of ‘Endless Pain’. Actually… it is taken from that album, but Desaster’s cover version fits in quite seamlessly with their surrounding originals, stomping, chunky old thrash this is – and damn well played, too. I suppose the medieval aspect of this wondrous sonic fantasy of mine derives from the very tasteful medieval metal riffs which occasionally complement Desaster’s quite sharp old-school axe attack. The production is great, and the vocals have that essential schnapps-for-breakfast sneer that proudly says ‘Made in Deutschland’. ‘Stormbringer’ is an out of print mini album with six songs, twenty-one minutes in length. Of the retro bands I’ve heard, Desaster are my pick for the most authentic-sounding and energetically enjoyable of the lot.

Track list:
1. Stormbringer
2. The Swords Will Never Sink
3. Sacrilege
4. Face Of Darkness
5. Tormentor-Kreator cover
6. Emerging Castleland
7. Ride On For Revenge-live
8. Burning Crosses-live
9. Dead City-Violent Force cover-live
10. Countess Bathory-Venom cover-live
11. The Swords Will Never Sink-live
12. Sacrilege-live

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