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Desaster – A Touch Of Medieval Darkness [original]


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Rare original Merciless records release. First press without barcode on back cover In 1996 the Desaster debut album ‘A Touch Of Medieval Darkness’ was released and contained the typical Desaster mixture of old- school Black/Thrash/Death/Speed/Heavy Metal of the glorious 80's. There's no doubt about that also some newer bands at the time like Samael, Darkthrone and Immortal also had a big influence on Desasters music and there are, of course, the medieval sounding elements which have become another trademark of the Desaster sound. If you like your black metal epic without being pretentious, and firmly based in the ideals of old Bathory like it should be, then this one is certainly up your alley. Track listing: 1. Skyline In Flames-intro 2. In A Winter Battle 3. A Touch Of Medieval Darkness 4. Fields Of Triumph 5. Devil's Sword 6. Into A Magical Night 7. Crypts Of Dracul 8. Visions On The Autumn Shades 9. Porter Of Hellgate 10. Home For The Brave-outro

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